Park Shelter Rentals

Rental season runs from April 15 to October 15. You may reserve a shelter starting the first of January through October each year for that year only.  For weddings, please call the Park District for advanced reservations.
Resident fee of $40.00 and Non-Resident fee of $50.00 due at time of rental reservation.  If you need the picnic tables removed from the shelter it is an additional $60.  Shelters held only after rental agreement form is completed at the Fon du Lac Park District Administration Center and rental fee has been paid.
These shelters are available each season: Click on the shelter picture to view more detailed information. 

West Park Shelter
The following shelters are located in Neumann Park

Neumann Park Shelter #1
Neumann Park Shelter #2
The following shelters are located in Veterans Park
Middle Shelter
Grieves Shelter
Veterans Shelter
Other park shelters available on a first come first served basis;
Doering Park, Cooper Park North and South, Stiers Park, and Spinder Park.